Today we decided to go Christmas tree shopping! To be honest, it’s the earliest we have ever gotten one. My family and I normally would wait until next week, but by that time I feel like all the “dream” trees are gone. Well, unless we’re lucky that year. But, to celebrate this Christmas season we got a Fraser Fir!! It’s absolutely beautiful, around 7-8 feet tall and completely round and full along the edges. Surprisingly, we got it at Home Depot; this year they changed everything and the selection was amazing. We brought it home around 11 o’clock and right now it’s in are front room falling. Falling means letting the branches loosen and fall from being so fresh and tightly wrapped up in netting. But, by the looks of it right now, it will be wonderful!

Usually, my family gets Douglas Firs but once we saw the Fraser we had our minds set. Also, this was third tree lot we visited that day, so we we’re ready to buy one. Our tree has pine cones at the ends of the branches and smells like the forest! Lol, that’s one reason we get real trees; for the smell. Going to tree lot’s is now considered a tradition for hunting down our trees. Not once has our family never gone together! But, my parents grew up with real trees, so they wanted us to experience it as well. Sadly, this could be the last Christmas my family has together because my brother is now 18 and who knows where we’ll be in a year. So, this year I’m really gonna take in having everyone there.

But, we found a tree today and that’s all that matters! Now I can’t wait to decorate it. Thank you for reading today’s little, but special adventure, it honestly means so much to me. Expect more Christmas related posts in the future!

-Shayne 🙂


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